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My name is Ciara Pollen, and I'm a professional behaviourist and dog trainer based in Langford, Bedfordshire.

With a Masters degree in Zoology and over 8 years of hands-on experience in dog behaviour and training, I have both the knowledge and practical skills to help you.


I am not currently taking on new clients, but continue to help dog owners by providing accessible and practical advice on social media. My focus is to educate and support you to live the best life you can with your dog, using only the most effective and kind dog training techniques.


Satisfied Owners. Happier Dogs.


I was very lucky to come across Ciara at Venture Dogs.


As soon as she came to meet me and my pooches, it was evident that she not only knew what she was talking about but was passionate about helping dogs and their owners too.

I’ve seen a definite improvement in how my dog behaves but most importantly, I feel as though I know my dog better and can help him in ways I previously didn’t know how.

Becky Moran and Sulley the Labradoodle

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Please note that I am not currently taking on new clients

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Huntingdon, St Neots, Bedford 
Cambridge, Biggleswade, Royston

Mileage (45p/mi) applies on journeys over 20 miles from Langford

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