Dog training walks

Combining the physical benefits of dog walking and the mental stimulation of training, Homeschool allows you to get a better behaved dog whilst you're at work.

Feeling at a loss in how to change your dog's behaviour, or where to start?

Want your dog to learn new skills fast, without taking all your free time?

Looking for someone to provide long-term support and guidance?

What is Homeschool?

I understand how busy life can be, and how hard it is to find time to dedicate to regular dog training. With Homeschool's dog training walks, you can ensure your dog is always making progress in their behaviour.


Homeschool is designed to give your dog dedicated one-on-one time with an expert trainer. Through regular training sessions, your dog will learn new skills and break bad habits quickly and with the minimum of stress for you and your family. This is particularly beneficial for:

  • Young puppies or recently rehomed/rescued dogs

  • Dogs who bark and lunge at dogs and/or people

  • Owners who feel stressed or overwhelmed by their dog's behaviour

  • Families with many commitments that make finding time to train difficult​

Homeschool involves:


  • Hands-on Training for Dogs 
    With an expert trainer regularly working with your dog to teach them new skills and change unwanted behaviour, you can relax. No matter how busy life gets, your dog will have time set aside for learning and mental stimulation, and have fun doing it.

    Choose either 30-minute or 45-minute sessions, which can be arranged to suit your schedule. For instance, to break up your dog's day whilst you're at work.​

  • One-on-One Coaching for Humans
    By starting with a coaching session, we work with you to understand your goals and develop a personalised training plan for you and your dog. As they progress we periodically check-in to give you a chance to practice training hands-on with us, and get additional advice and guidance.

    Coaching sessions last 60 minutes, and include written step-by-step guides so that you can learn how to maintain your dog's training long after our sessions end. 

How do you train?

Our training methods are based on years of coaching dog-owners and hands-on experience, as well as the most up-to-date understanding of dog behaviour and learning.


We never use force, pain, or fear to train your dog - instead, we’ll show you how to get a dog who loves to learn using positive reinforcement. By showing your dog what you want them to do you'll help them become calm, confident, and content, making your life simpler and worry-free.

Below are just some of the things we can help with:


Barking at dogs

Pulling on lead


Coming when called

Separation anxiety

Fear & anxiety

Resource guarding


General obedience

Destructive behaviour

...and more!



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