Media release consent

Please read the information below carefully, and select the option that describes the level of consent you wish to give.​​

Venture Dogs may take photographs and/or video recordings to promote Venture Dogs and their services. Any media taken of my dog and/or me remains the property of Venture Dogs, and may be used in print and/or digital media including (but not limited to):

print publications, websites, e-marketing, posters, banners, leaflets, advertising, film, and social media.


I understand that images on websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom and that some overseas countries may not provide the same level of protection to the rights of individuals as EU/UK legislation provides. 


I have read and understood the conditions, and consent to my images being used as described, and as outlined in my enrolment form.

Your Rights

You have the right to request to see a copy of the information Venture Dogs holds on you and to request corrections or deletions of the information that is no longer required.

You can request that Venture Dogs stop using your images at any time, in which case they will not be used in future publications but may continue to appear in publications already in circulation.

You have the right to lodge a complaint against Venture Dogs regarding data protection issues with the Information Commissioner’s Office (


If you have any questions relating to this consent, data protection, or the way we are planning to use your information, please contact Ciara Pollen at or 07384 414 103.