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Keeping you safe during in-person sessions

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Last updated: 16th October 2020

COVID-19 Policy
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As government guidelines and risk factors with COVID-19 continue to change, we have made the decision to resume in-person training sessions from Monday 15th June 2020.

To minimise the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, we have created a new set of policies for in-person sessions going forward. These guidelines are meant to ensure the safety of both your family and our own, whilst supporting you in training your dog.

As much as I love petting your dogs, feeding them treats when they do well, and helping you learn by demonstrating training techniques with them, this simply isn't possible due to the current risks. I understand that this may be frustrating, and it's often hard to remember to social-distance, but this is what the new normal will look like in the dog training industry for some time.

Please remember that remote (online) video sessions will continue to be available, and are particularly beneficial for those who are shielding or for dogs who are anxious around people. These sessions allow your dog to stay calmer and more focused, as they won't have the added distraction or stress of a stranger in their space. Remote sessions are of course safer and more affordable as well, and so I strongly encourage you to consider whether your session would be better held remotely before you book an in-person session.

You can view the policy document below, which all clients must adhere to whilst working with us:

COVID-19 Policy
Download DOCX • 2.10MB

As always, stay safe and best wishes,

Ciara Pollen MSci Canine behaviourist and trainer

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